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16 December 2015

Getting big news the coverage it deserves

Yesterday, EMG logged the 175th clipping relating to the closure of Archroma’s acquisition of BASF’s global textile chemicals business. This particular coverage was by a US textiles magazine. The announcement has also been monitored in the Chinese chemicals & textiles press, Indian business media, UK & European textile trades and financial media, and the news wires - to name just a few. The list is extensive and continues to expand.

10 December 2015

EMG in the driving seat

Our new partnership with Henkel Transport & Metal is successfully underway, with pleasing results at this early stage of our remit to increase awareness of Henkel’s adhesives solutions for the automotive industry.

2 December 2015

10 years and still together: recipe for a strong client/agency relationship

Long-standing client Berry Medendorp, Senior Manager Global Outbound Marketing at Belden Inc., visited the EMG office recently to highlight the ingredients behind a successful commercial partnership.

11 November 2015

K 2016: Pre-K Multi-Client Press Conference

From June 8-10, 2016 EMG will host its regular Pre-K Multi-Client Press Conference at the Antwerp Hilton Hotel. One- and two-hour briefing slots are available across the three days for each company to hold tailored activities with the invited media.

5 November 2015

Human after all

The fact that customer relations are built on humans dealing with humans is often neglected in the B2B world. Dieter Morath, Songwon’s Executive Vice President Sales, sees embracing this as pivotal to growing a business – no matter what the industry.

22 October 2015

Content Marketing buzz or basic business need?

Content marketing is one of the current buzz phrases in marketing and communications. But is it all that new? Not really, content has always been central to successful marketing programmes. So what has changed? Not the content but the medium, the way we connect to people.

21 October 2015

Getting your message across with video

When Clariant recently held its very first Sustainability Dialog Day, the event represented a very bold move, bringing together various partners right across the value chain. It would be very difficult to capture the spirit of the day in words alone.  So a video team was on hand to talk to participants and get their feedback.  

3 October 2015

The EMG Family enjoying themselves

The (ever growing) EMG Family gathered in the woods near Tilburg for an exciting adventure.

18 September 2015

Clariant demonstrates leadership in sustainability, and uses social media

When Clariant hosted its Sustainability Dialog, a unique event held in the Clariant Innovation Center in Frankfurt, the company wanted to reach as many stakeholders as possible.

7 September 2015


Which do you prefer – to type text yourself or use copy/paste? When time is scarce most editors and other social media users probably prefer to copy/paste - especially if the headline is more than a few words and typos are easily made (think smartphones and tablets).

26 August 2015

B2B Boom in India

by Rajiv Desai, CEO Comma Consulting

Last year, when US President Barack Obama made a state visit, the Government of India launched its “Make in India” initiative to extend India business successes in the services, IT and biotechnology sectors to mainstream manufacturing.  

4 August 2015

Guardian Industries choosing EMG: as clear as glass

Earlier this year we started working for Guardian Industries Glass Group, one of the largest manufacturers of glass in the world (check the press release for the official announcement).

13 July 2015

ASCEND: Total message translation around the globe

EMG and sister company Marketing Solutions have successfully supported Ascend Performance Materials at trade shows all over the world.

Since 2009 Ascend Performance Materials, a leading global producer of PA66 resin, chemicals and fibres, has worked with EMG and Marketing Solutions in China to gain maximum visibility during the annual Chinaplas shows.

6 July 2015

Good content: the heart of a good story

Assuming that you have a good, strong and clear message, you only need three things to successfully get that message across: content, content, content.

29 June 2015

Constant change is the new normal

Not so very long ago, the idiom of when America sneezes the rest of the world catches cold was often used. That has not completely changed of course, but these days the world looks eastward keeping a close, sometimes nervous eye, on how China's slowing economy is performing, wary of the implications this has for the world economy. Because now, when China sneezes maybe we all catch a cold?

15 June 2015

Creating employee relationships - balancing head and heart

Stories about company employees interacting with customers in a personal way make me stop and take notice. Did you read the one about the Amazon rep who had a Norse mythology themed chat with a customer? Great stuff.

12 June 2015

PressReleaseFinder in Spanish, Portuguese and... on your phone

A lot has happened since we offered you a sneak preview of PressReleaseFinder’s new look and feel. The latest feature is the new Spanish and Portuguese user interface.

29 May 2015

Communication Fundamentals: On track or time to get back to basics?

I'm a communications junkie.  LinkedIn Updates and eNewsletters feed my craving and my inbox is full - 10 rules of content marketing, essential skills for social media success, blogging nightmares to avoid, creating contagious content, thought leadership to drive business goals, storytelling that sticks and the list goes on.

21 May 2015

Chinaplas thunders back to Guangzhou

Adsale, the show organisers, said the show has now outgrown the K fair in exhibitor count- claiming 3282 exhibitors from 40 countries, compared to 3215 at the last K in 2013.  Some 400 of these are first time exhibitors, mainly from China and across Asia. Overall, Chinese firms account for around 60% of exhibitors. At the close of day one, we could not find any stats on the visitor count, which is expected to exceed last year’s show in Shanghai, with over 75% coming from China.

20 May 2015

Trelleborg's industrial tires operations goes full circle with EMG

EMG first began working with Trelleborg industrial tires operations, an operation within the Trelleborg Group, in 2013 in China.  The operation, a leading manufacturer of tires for forklifts and heavy construction machines was at the early stages of building its brand profile in China.

18 May 2015

K 2016: Plan your high visibility campaign now

Demand for exhibition space is extremely lively, and all 19 halls of Düsseldorf's fairgrounds will once again be fully occupied.  All in all, around 3.000 exhibitors are expected in Düsseldorf between 19 and 26 October 2016. If you want to take part in the greatest Plastics show on the planet, make sure your application is in before the deadline of May 31, 2015.

21 April 2015

Britcham 'Getting your message across' workshop

“Getting your message across” was the topic of a workshop organised by the British Chamber of Commerce (BritCham) on April 21 in Brussels in conjunction with EMG.

16 April 2015

Dark Thinking about Dark Social

A few weeks ago I read an article about Dark Social. To some the buzz word for 2015 – or at least at the time of publishing. 

9 April 2015

Thought leader's new clothes

Over the last few years, the term Thought Leadership has been used extensively in PR and Marketing circles. Personally, I have been bothered by the over-use of the term - and when I follow the discussions on several PR professional forums I notice I am not the only one. 

18 March 2015

Targeted business intelligence makes your communications smarter

Media monitoring and intelligence gathering can be even more effective if you apply a targeted approach. No matter in which company or environment you work, resources continue to be limited. So you will need to plan and allocate them carefully - where it matters most. Your success will be determined by your selection of communication channels that matter and the relevance of your messaging.

28 February 2015

Sneak preview of the new PressReleaseFinder

Later this month a completely revamped PressReleaseFinder - featuring a new look user interface and added functionality- will be launched to the general public.   But we want to offer you the opportunity to have a sneak preview before the hordes come storming in. 

30 January 2015

Industry 4.0 and IIoT is gaining substance - bringing new editorial opportunities

Last year, we still questioned if Industry 4.0 was simply a trend or the new standard. Today, we are certain that the terminology and principles of Industry 4.0, which is also referred to as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), are here to stay.  In Automation & Control magazines, on websites and at events you will read and hear of the Industrial Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Everything. 

26 January 2015

Real news - or just puff?

If you want to promote your business online, you need a good story.  Why? Because copy pushed out by companies (and PR agencies) is often produced in the mistaken belief that everyone wants to read their corporate message. At EMG we believe that good content is king – and that, when it comes to industrial communications, storytelling is a vital skill.

5 January 2015

Have a Photogenic 2015

From everyone at EMG: have a Photogenic 2015... (click through to access the animated version)