Communication Vision May 2016

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Communication Vision

Speed Dating, Industry Style

Do you have an interesting story to tell, but not a lot of time to tell it? Are you weary of the same-old media event format, and looking for something fresher and more interesting? 

 Nancy van Heesewijk 

Nancy van Heesewijk
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Understanding Russia

by Julia Kursova, Owner and Managing Director of BCOM

Today, much is written and spoken about the risks and constraints facing foreign investors doing business in Russia due to the adverse political situation and unstable economic climate.  And although it can be challenging, there are many successful examples of global market leaders who are well established.  

Get on the WeChat bandwagon

Facebook, Twitter, Google and many others may be off-limits but China is still experiencing a vibrant social media phenomenon. With the world’s largest number of internet users - the majority now through mobile devices - China has long had a flourishing indigenous social media scene. Many platforms most Westerners have never heard of have already come and gone, having ridden the wave of 100s-of-millions-plus users and then fallen into demise - like RenRen, Sina Weibo and many more.