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Internal Communications Programmes

Communicating effectively inside an organisation is not always easy, especially when faced with changes such as the growing linkages among people – your employees’ voice is heard by your customers, by the media and also by other employees. And it is instantaneous and available globally to an overwhelming number of people.

Various studies and surveys around the world confirm that engaged employees are more positive about their company, are more enthusiastic about their work, are more open to change, put in more effort, and positively impact profitability. 

We've found that successful employee engagement is based on the principle of delivering the right message at the right time in the right way to the right employee. Whether you are just beginning to think about the importance of internal communications, you are in the midst of an existing plan, or you are measuring the success of your overall strategy, effective internal communications help employees connect the dots between strategy and their role. When it is relevant, it engages employees and moves them to action. It helps people and organizations to change and become even better.

The case is clear - internal communications increase employee engagement, and increased engagement improves your bottom line.

Internal communications - The EMG Way™

As our clients set out to explain management position, strategy and objectives across the breadth and depth of their organisations, EMG can deliver practical counsel on improvement of internal communications, development of strategy and objectives as well as how to apply core communications skills to engage employees. Regular reporting ensures that internal audiences are updated frequently and surveys will help to assess internal feedback, measure the impact of your internal communications and adjust accordingly.

With many years of industrial B2B experience, EMG knows how to make effective internal communications work for you. We understand how to formulate and disseminate your messages, train your managers how to cascade the messages, and involve personnel around the world – translating corporate objectives into local targets; and how to make internal communications effective - engaging employees and facilitating change.


EMG Learning Programmes™
Our bespoke in-company training can be customised to specific client needs, across a wide range of communications competences, including 

  • Messaging that is relevant and drives behaviour
  • Effective communications for managers
  • Communication planning
  • Presentation Skills - delivering your story