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Servé - 677d
Some stats
After 11 matches it's clear that some are better at this than others :-) Some stats: an amazing 97% predicted the correct winner of the first match, while only 11% predicted a draw between England and Russia...


Servé - 691d
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  • Just added my predictions, hopefully more luck than last time... :-) [Ilona - 690d]
  • Belgium all the way Ilona, and you will be fine :-) [Kevin - 685d]
  • Go Belgium!! (and England...) [Jamie - 682d]
  • Allez la FRANCE!!! for tonight... and auf geht's DEUTSCHLAND... for Sunday :-) [Kim - 681d]
  • Team Belgium is still recruiting, so should any of our Dutch colleagues want to join our team, you can register at https://oranjeduivel.nl/ and become an orange devil :-) [Kim - 681d]