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EMG’s Steps for Schools

The EMG team organised a campaign to get fit, have fun and raise money to support Schools for Salone, an organization dedicated to transforming lives by building schools in Sierra Leone, Africa. The campaign started September 20th and ended on October 21st.

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22 October 2013
EMG’s Steps for Schools campaign raises € 7,500
With the combined registrations, € 10 bonus from EMG to everyone who hit the 230,000 total step target, and a final EMG donation, we’ll send Schools for Salone € 7,500. That’s a great start to raising the € 40,000 needed to build the Gbumbeh Primary School.

A sincere Thank You to everyone who participated and for sharing information about Schools for Salone to increase awareness.

Please visit the Schools for Salone website to follow the fundraising progress for the Gbumbeh Primary School. Maybe you’ll even consider your own campaign!

Keep stepping!

The EMG Team

The check for an amount of € 7,500.- was symbolically handed over to Schools for Salone

Message from Don Mooers Jr., President of the Board, Schools for Salone
21 October 2013
The results are in - here are some of the latest statistics
  • 125 participants reached the target (or 79% of those actively participating)
  • 14 participants more than doubled their target
  • we received registrations from 21 countries
  • 46,676,583 steps were accounted for which converts to 29,430 km or 18,287 miles
7 October 2013
Why not walk a few steps on the wild side?
Just turn up the volume and enjoy.

3 October 2013
Walking Song: Under the boardwalk
Maybe more a strolling song, but still a great one to listen to... The younger generation might remember Bruce Willis singing it too - when he still had hair.

2 October 2013
Message from the current #1
We were happy to hear from Mark, the current leader with 283,107 steps, averaging 23,592 per day! He's so busy being active we weren't sure if he would see our email.
Here is what Mark has to stay about Steps for Schools: "Having great fun with the step counter! Everybody I frequently work with, is using it as an excuse for me to get stuff (coffee, lunch etc etc haha). I haven't set a new goal so far to share with everybody. I'm trying to take as many steps as I can and maybe set a whole new goal for years to come (if steps for schools becomes and annual event...).
It feels great to be helping less fortunate communities in Africa. It does make you stop and wonder sometimes how lucky we all are (and then quickly start moving again to gain steps!). The only thing I can say to motivate others is; don't be afraid to break habits (I just quit smoking), be a little more spontaneous in your day to day activities and I'm sure you will set the step counter on fire!"
2 October 2013
First 4 to reach their target
On Tuesday, we watched four people surpass the 230,000 total step target. A big congratulations to Mark, Ingrid, Claudia and Conor; here is hoping your motivation rubs off on the rest of us!
We caught up with 10 year old Conor Gallagher who is averaging a whopping 19,214 steps per day. Conor told us what got him excited to join the Steps for Schools campaign was, "helping to make schools in Africa because I didn't know there was going to be a leader board." He also said it makes him feel really good about himself knowing he's helping to build a school. Now that he has achieved the total target, he wants to go for 400,000 steps. His advise to the rest of us to stay motivated is "its really fun to do and its an easy way to get fit." Great job Conor and watch out, your dad is right behind you!
30 September 2013
Walking Song #2
Make sure your step counter is registering your steps properly. Especially when you Walk like an Egyptian (The Bangles, 1986)

28 September 2013
Results of the first week
After 1 week we're impressed! 26 people have already reached 50% of the target 230,000 steps and the registrations keep inching up. This means people are getting fit AND spreading the word to get more people involved in helping to build the Gbumbeh Primary School. If you know someone who would like to join, have them register, its not too late. Now ... we have noticed that some people haven't moved in a week? OR are not recording their activity. Here's a motivational reminder to get moving!
27 September 2013
Happy Birthday to Norbert Linke!
Today Norbert turns 80 and is our most senior Steps for Schools participant. At 80 years old, Norbert can teach us a thing or two about healthy living. He gets his steps by walking every day and moving around as much as he can.
27 September 2013
Meet the #1
Meet Claudia Corsino - #1 on the leaderboard with over 180,000 steps: Claudia is from Brazil but has been living in Belgium for 9 years. She is getting her #1 step total from long distance running. In fact, she runs 10 km, 4 times a week and is currently training for the Brussels 1/2 marathon on Oct 6. She also does Zumba once per week for one hour, and was surprised to find out that running 10km and 1 hour of Zumba were about the same number of steps. Claudia hopes her running and active lifestyle motivates others and she is happy to see it help the kids in Gbumbeh get a new school.

26 September 2013
Walking Song #1
To get you in the walking mood, here's a classic: I'm walking by Fats Domino

23 September 2013
EMG Team Event - Survival Challenge
Last Friday, the EMG team went on a 3 hour survival hike to kickoff the Steps for Schools campaign. Average steps per person was approx. 15,000 depending on their map reading skills! We gathered sticks & edible plants during the hike, then make a fire, build a tent and strain water. A good day was had by all and lots of steps taken to help build a school in Sierra Leone. Check the Facebook Album for more photos.

21 September 2013
Belgium leads the way in registrations
Here are a few fun facts about Belgium:
  • Produces 220,000 tonnes of chocolate every year. When calculated, per person consumption comes to 22 kg of chocolate annually or 61 grams per day on average.
  • Belgians are fond of keeping pets, almost half of Belgian households have at least a single pet
  • After the U.S., Belgians are the most enthusiastic collectors of discount coupons in the world
  • The saxophone was invented in Belgium by a Belgian named Adolphe Sax
  • About 150 liters of beer is consumed by one Belgian per year
  • Brussel sprouts originated in Belgium
  • French fries or Belgium frites originated in Belgium and not in France and these are often consumed with mayonnaise
  • The largest number of comic books are produced in Belgium
20 September 2013
EMG Team Event: getting the step counters going
Taking a hike through the woods around Bergen op Zoom has gotten us some steps. Luckily finding a terrace was one of the hidden assignments.

20 September 2013
Steps for Schools kicks off
Steps for Schools officially kicked off today with 215 registrations, € 3,715 raised to date and 19 countries represented.

9 September 2013
Catching a few rays of sunshine
To get in the mood, EMG was started exploring the immediate surroundings of the EMG headquarters. Check out the wildlife on the EMG facebook page.

29 August 2013
Dancing on the roof
The EMG Team has been practising to get ready for the steps for schools campaign. If you have a nice picture or video, send it to stepsforschools@emg-pr.com or use one of the social channels.

19 August 2013
Video message from Chief Swari Sandi
In August Cindy Nofziger visisted Gbumbeh and asked Chief Swari Sandi about the importance of building a new school.

19 August 2013
EMG Commits Cash and Issues Global Challenge to Help Build a School
EMG is launching its Steps for Schools Campaign to get fit and raise money for Schools for Salone.
Read the full press release on the EMG website.

Check our FAQ if you have any questions about this campaign

Photos courtesy of Betty Press