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Steps for Schools

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered, try the chat page or submit your question by emailing stepsforschools@emg-pr.com

I would like to make my registration higher than €15, may I do that?
Yes you can donate any amount you would like. Both the registration amounts and the donations go directly to Schools for Salone and are dedicated for the Gbumbeh Primary School project.

When can I start recording my steps?
Feel free to start recording your activity immediately, but your total will be reset to zero on September 20th.

How to enter my steps?
Once you've entered the selected the date of your activity, you can enter the amount of steps or opt to enter the amount of time (in minutes) of certain activity. This is handy if you are going to practise some Judo but don't want to clip your counter onto your (black) belt.

I swim every week for 45 minutes. Is the counter water proof?
No, you shouldn't wear the counter on your bathing suit, but you can record your weekly swim on the My Activity page by entering 45 and selecting swimming from the dropdown.

What formula is being used to calculate the number of steps?
We use a conversion table but are open for discussion.

Should I enter running/jogging per minute or enter the number of steps?
Whatever you prefer. If you do not want to wear the step counter while running, you can check your watch and enter the amount of time (in minutes) and select running/jogging from the dropdown on My Activity.

Do you have an alternative to using the step counter to track steps?
If you often accidently reset your step counter or cannot fit the counter to your clothes, you could consider a step counting app for your smartphone. We have tested Moves for iPhone and like the clean design. Accupedo offers more options, but it does look more cluttered. Note that these apps will keep recording your activity in the background, so it will drain your battery during the day.

What if my Step Counter doesn’t arrive in time to start on September 20th?
Please contact us at stepsforschools@emg-pr.com if it does not arrive at all. In the meantime, you can download a step app – such as Moves for iPhone or Accupedo for Android and input your steps total from there.