Let's get fit and help build a school

Steps for Schools

Get Fit

A steps campaign is a great way to get moving. And it doesn’t just have to be walking, you can convert different activities to steps and track your physical activity for the day.

The American Medical Association agrees that sitting for extended periods of time can be bad for personal health. Read what scientists have named "sitting disease". Visit juststand.org and work to eliminate the average 7.7 hours a day sitting.
Take a look at the Sitting Disease Infographic (click to view a bigger version) and you'll be shocked and motivated to stand more!

Some 'walk more' tips to get your step counter going. Revisit this section later for more top tips:

  1. Park your car farther away from your building
  2. Use the stairs not elevators
  3. Take a long route to the restroom, copy room, canteen
  4. Stand up when you talk on the phone.

Suggestions of your own? Use the chat or drop us a line at stepsforschools@emg-pr.com.

source: juststand.org